Cottage A

The cottage  on Quarles van Uffordstraat 98 A

The cottage on Quarles van Uffordstraat 98 A sleeps 2 to 3 persons. It has one bedroom and also an own entrance, kitchen, tv, central heating, shower and toilet. This cottage, too, is fully equipped and you can park your bicycles. It has his own parkingplace for the car.

For those who will  not bring their own bicycles there is nearly possibility of hiring them.

No animals





Autumn Holidays

Christmas Holidays



€ 425,00 pw

€ 450,00 pw

€ 525,00 pw

€ 425,00 pw

€ 450,00 pw

€ 450,00 pw

€ 400,00 pw


 Outside that period a cash prize of € 60,= per night with a minimum of 3 nights.

 The beds are made!


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